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Wedding near Applegate, OR
Our wedding coverage

Your wedding represents what is likely the most important family event of your lifetime. It isn’t just a “shoot”. It’s a unique event, and it deserves it’s own “story”. I am a storyteller and will tell the story of your very special day.

What you can Expect

Here’s what you can expect, pretty much all the time:
When we use a second shooter on your wedding, we use another experienced professional. 

I will work with the bride to customize coverage & product selection as needed.
All coverage includes a copy of all images. 

Image © Dave Rozzana & Classy Image
Wedding Shoe’s

Engagement shoots are included for every wedding booked, and we’ll include a bridal boudoir session as well. Both sessions are optional but included at no charge.

Destination Wedding coverage may be available.

After the wedding, your images will undergo a mystic routine that will usually take a number of days. This image enhancement routine, supervised by unicorns, is very magical.
Following this enhancement, we’ll get together for 20 or 30 minutes to go over them. This is when you can add anything else you may wish to order, like wall portraits or albums or super high-resolution images. At this meeting, there is a 20% discount on anything ordered, so be sure you let everyone know. For full information, just call so we can set up a short meeting.

Complete coverage starts at about $745 but it really depends on the type of coverage you want, the number of hours you will require coverage, and what you would like us to include. Everything is customizable as I do not like throwing everyone into two or three packages.
I can give you all the pricing details specific to your wedding plans, and recommend coverage. Let’s review your requirements and talk about planning, costing, coverage, and most specifically the timeline for your special day. Then we’ll both know exactly what’s needed. I can nearly guarantee one thing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable coverage can be.

I have seen many times, through my career as a professional photographer, that some folks just can’t afford, or are forced to opt out of professional coverage of their wedding.  Life happens. If this is you, please don’t despair.  I have done this with great success, countless times for couples.  

If you would prefer, call me about a Pre-Wedding  Bridal Couple Session. These are often done on the morning of the wedding. Both bride and groom are dressed. We’ll go out to locations of your choosing, early, before the wedding (or even the previous day), and create some dynamite bridal poses with both the bride alone and with her groom. The portrait shown at right was one such portrait created under those exact circumstances.  
There is now a beautifully framed 16×20 wall portrait in their home, of this exact pose.  
The session deposit is $100.  You choose the location(s), but we’d be happy to help. Our studio is available too!