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Father & Son


I do not charge session fees. I simply ask you for a session deposit using a charge card, cash or check when you book your session appointment. The session deposit is applied to your portrait order completely. Following your session, we’ll schedule your Design & Order appointment, normally several days later, at your convenience. It can, if needed, often be held within just a few minutes of your session, and because you’ll know everything about our product offerings up front, you may spend little more than 15 minutes at this appointment. Image files you purchase will be delivered immediately; usually as fast as I can copy them to a USB thumb drive or a DVD, right in front of you. When your portrait order is received from our lab you can pick it up or I’ll even deliver it to you, and help to hang your Masterpiece Art if you desire. Simple. Because I respect your time, I try to cover all the pre-session prep work via email and telephone, and will also happily meet with you personally at your convenience. I’ll share information to make your session go smoothly, everything from makeup to dress.
I only book ONE session per day so we take the time we need, without rush. The portrait price includes all artwork and retouching. I don’t believe in charging for extra stuff. Nor do I charge for the initial session consultation, the session itself, or the order/design session where you will place your portrait/image order.

Call or text (541) 292-3990
I’ll meet with you at your convenience, or I’ll happily speak to you on the phone.


All framed Masterpiece Canvas Portraits are discounted. We have re-priced our float framed canvas wraps. Available in Black, Walnut or White. Beautiful.

If you’re a High School Senior, head to our
Senior Portrait Page

It’s said that children see magic because they’re looking for it. They choose to see the world as something fascinating and full of exceptional things. I think it’s fun to be there to capture the whimsy and magic. Thinking, playing or just being themselves, it’s all fun.
We can meet to get to know your child a little bit, then we’ll talk about a theme for the shoot and the location where the shoot will be held.
I have a line of Fine Art Portraits, printed on the finest papers, then matted and framed under glass.
Whatever portrait finish or option you choose, you will be most pleased.


Headshot sessions are conducted to accommodate your purpose. They may be conducted in-studio or on-location, or at several locations, depending upon your need and budget.
Headshot sessions always include one or several retouched images, and prices start at $95 for a 30-minute session in our home studio or $148 for a one-hour session at a single location, and three of your favorite images, all retouched and ready for you to use, as you see fit. You may even include a couple clothing changes, as you see fit. Images will produce high-quality portraits up to 8×10, or larger, in size.
Additional headshot session images are available for $35 each, or 4 for $120 or 10 for $225.

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Business Women

From Judges to politicians to Real Estate Managers to Authors and Commissioners, Dave has created business headshots that are meaningful and effective, showing his client in a way that develops trust. Many clients arrange for an updated headshot annually.
We include a number of poses in the session price and e-mail Headshot information to anyone interested. Simply ask via call, text or e-mail. We’ll even include information on dressing and looking your best.

Bridal portrait sessions

Bridal sessions result in beautiful and elegant portraits and are a perfect fit when the bride wants to keep things simple, but still be captured in all her elegance. Perhaps your wedding is small or you may not have hired a photographer to cover the ceremony. We’ll arrange a short 30 to 60-minute session either at the location of your choice or right here in the studio. Because session times are normally shorter, special pricing can easily apply.

Boudoir sessions

Luxury at it’s best!
These sessions are, as you can imagine, a great experience and you get to celebrate you as the great person you are. The great thing about Boudoir is that it can mean nearly anything you can imagine. Some have incorrectly come to think it means lingerie or nude or suggestive portraits. It can mean all those things, it can also mean none of that at all. There’s no reason to pose nude in any way, shape or form. You define what it means to you! Actually, the most popular poses are those exercising restraint.

You may schedule this session either indoors or outdoors or both. I actually prefer in-studio or location shoots indoors. We refer to the outdoor session as Forest Boudoir, Mountain Boudoir or City Boudoir and sometimes Urban Boudoir, depending upon your preference and which side of the bed you woke up on, but whatever name used, it takes place outside. They are loads of fun, and we can use several locations, as you desire. Regardless of the session you choose, expect privacy and absolute tastefulness. Always Classy, never trashy, and a little bit sassy.


To begin, I do family sessions of 3 or 4 people or larger, outside. Trying to cram an entire family into a smaller studio space is just silly.
I can hold individual or couple sessions in my home studio, including small families. Larger families are scheduled outdoors, at a location usually of your choice.

Call or text (541) 292-3990 or go to the contact page. CALL NOW!


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