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 Clean – Simple – Intense
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Custom portraiture. Probably not the usual stuff you see.
 retouched, so it’s pristine, classic & intense.

I’m glad you’re here!

What’s going on here?
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I’m Dave Rozzana, and Classy Image is a full service “boutique” portrait and wedding photography business in Central Point, Oregon. My clients receive a superior level of customer service and a level of portrait quality you may not have experienced. I don’t run a mass-production studio. My work is nothing like you’d see at the Mall. I use my 30 years of experience to your advantage by spending the time to understand you and to produce a portrait that has meaning and value for both you and your loved ones. Individuals who are connoisseurs of art will immediately recognize our attention to detail in preparing your portrait.

You may purchase image files or portraits, or both.

Actually, I include an image file of any portrait we prepare and print for your portrait order. Use to have gift-sized portraits printed locally for family and friends. You’re welcome.
I still get a really good feeling when I produce a great portrait. I like that. I want you to feel that too.
Check the portrait page for the special on framed Masterpiece Canvas Art.

OK. What’ll this set me back?
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Waiting for Her

To start, I don’t charge a session fee.  In fact, You can easily spend less with me than you’ll spend someplace else just paying their session fee, and be taken back by how much you can save by purchasing top-line art after your free session. Everything you pay is applied directly to the products you purchase. I do ask for a session reservation deposit of $100. It’s all applied to your order, whatever that happens to be.
A 16×20 Masterpiece Canvas Portrait (not the paper prints you see hanging everywhere) is $290 complete, fully retouched and turned into a piece of beautiful artwork, ready to hang. For a total of $350, I’ll deliver it framed in a solid wood float-frame. Not composition material; solid wood, and a float-frame; not the “plain-Jane” nonsense.  These products are not stuff you’ll see at the Mall.

Some favor a package of digital files. If that’s you, we’ll include our print release so you can make and send prints to everyone. You may purchase image files, combine images and files, or really do most anything you want. Some people don’t want wall portraits at all. Many don’t want image files at all. That’s OK. But, whenever you purchase a portrait from us you get an image file of that pose. So, if you purchase a grouping or a wall portrait you’ll not only get a beautiful piece of art, but you’ll also receive a copy of the image file. Fully retouched, artwork included, so you can have gift prints made. As many as you like. No limits. Yes!
It’s easy to see why we sell more Masterpiece Canvas Wall Portraits than anything else.

Our products are the finest available. Period. Individuals seem to jump off the wall and into the room. OK, maybe that’s a heap of melodrama, but you’re going to love it. That’s for sure.

I attract value-conscience clients who demand the very finest.
I never charge a session fee, never hustle you for more, and my clients get the very best. Things are kept simple and there is respect for your time.
Simple, honest, straightforward business practices, from an experienced photographer and previous photo lab owner who knows the process inside and out and cares about integrity, quality, your satisfaction and your referral of new business.
That makes sense to me.
Call (541) 292-3990. Talk to Dave.  It doesn’t cost a thing to get answers, and Dave is happy to spend as much time with you as you need.
You simply must exist in portraits for your children.

Call (541) 292-3990 to get answers or e-mail dave@classyimage.net 

There are always attractive discounts for Repeat Customers, Senior Citizens, and Military Families.
Gift cards are available in any value.

(541) 292-3990

Image © Classy Image & Dave Rozzana
Image © Classy Image & Dave Rozzana
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